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we shoot any special shot you like. For further information and prices, please contact: production@timelp.com


send us the ID of the shot/s (e.g. US002), your desired format (e.g. HD, Quicktime download) and the estimated usage (e.g. national TV-Advertisment) and we will offer a price.

all clips are available up to nearly 4K (3888x2592),as well 2K (2048x1536), High Definition (1920x1080) and
Standard Definition D1 PAL / NTSC (768x576 / 720x486). Special formats available on request (e.g. for internet-usage).

alternative framing
it is possible to get an alternative framing of a shot. Only available for HD and lower resolutions.
For further informations contact us.

FTP or HTTP - Download for compressed footage (QT movie FJPG high)
shipping for uncompressed data (QT movie JPG2000 losless) and tapes (DigiBeta, HDCAM, HDCAM SR)

all clips are "rights-managed". Pricing depends on usage and format. Discount rates are available.
Pricing ranges from 100€ for non-commercial purposes to 4000€ for unlimited usage.

email.    footage@timelp.com
skype.   TimeLP